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Pharma Manufacturer



Pharma Manufacturer


A major pharmaceutical manufacturer needed help with the development of an effective process to evaluate Request For Proposal (RFP) opportunities and manage responses.


  • Develop an organization-wide, standard process to evaluate bid requests and prepare accurate, timely and effective responses, thereby capturing more profitable business for the company.


  • Reduced response time to customer RFPs by 20%.
  • Established performance measures to ensure effective use of the new RFP process.
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Case Study

Develop Successful RFP Response Process


A major pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged The Highland Group to assist in the development of an efficient and effective process to evaluate Request For Proposal (RFP) opportunities and manage responses.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group engaged client team members in visual process mapping activities to define goals, target process waste elimination and continuous improvement opportunities, document roles and responsibilities, and identify training/cross-training needs. The resulting roadmap led to the implementation of a highly coordinated and streamlined RFP evaluation and response management process supported by metrics, documentation and training for all impacted personnel.

Actions Taken

  • Created and implemented a goal translation and alignment process.
  • Developed and implemented a process that enables Marketing and Sales to quickly and effectively evaluate and respond to customer RFPs.
  • Implemented a system for continuous improvement that ensures the effective use of the process and upgrades, as needed.
  • Designed and implemented training programs for Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing personnel on the use of all new processes.
  • Documented personnel responsibilities and accountabilities.

reduced response time to customer RFPs by


while implementing consistent and streamlined process for evaluating and responding to customer RFPs

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