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Lean Office



Lean Office


Finance and Customer Service organizations for a CD and DVD manufacturer needed to improve efficiency and reduce cost.


  • Reduce North American Finance and Customer Service costs by $2.7 million.


  • Achieved $2.6 million in savings, with a clear plan to achieve an additional $500k.
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Case Study

Implemented Lean Office in Finance & Customer Service


Finance and Customer Service processes had never been systematically reviewed, standardized and improved at this manufacturer of audio cds, cd-rom, and pre-recorded audio and video cassette tapes. To meet increased customer expectations, these critical support processes had to operate more effectively.

Highland Approach

A detailed analysis identified ample opportunities to improve performance by reducing non-value-adding work and more proactively managing process performance. Rapid and measurable financial results were realized by:

  • Applying Lean Office principles:
  • Consolidating functional work groups where possible; and,
  • Implementing structured Lean management systems—process metrics, daily meetings, visual displays, etc.—to focus work group performance and increase management effectiveness.

Actions Taken

The Highland Group partnered with client teams to:

  • Define and implement new processes to increase organizational capacity.
  • Formally share site best practices across the organization.
  • Consolidate functional work groups to improve flexibility through scale and standardization.

Achieved savings of


with a clear plan to achieve an additional savings of $500k

Lean was a very effective improvement process that constructively stretched everyone’s thinking to move us out of our comfort zone.

Director of Finance

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