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Accessory Manufacturer



Accessory Manufacturer


Manufacturer and importer/distributor of small leather goods and accessories needed a new business model to fit the profile of a Lean importer/distributor and marketer.


  • Adjust business model, enabling the company to improve its competitive position by realizing annualized cost savings.
  • Develop a disciplined marketing approach.


  • Reduced cycle time in the Concept-to-Market process by 30% and unplanned air freight costs by 50%.
  • Increased Sample Room productivity by 25%.
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Case Study

Develop New Business Model & Improve Competitive Position


A manufacturer and importer/distributor of belts, wallets, small leather goods and accessories, which operates its own plant and distribution center in the U.S. and sources products from China, Central and South America, needed a new business model to fit the profile of a Lean importer, distributor and marketer of products.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group conducted an analysis of the operation and collaborated with client personnel on the development and implementation of a re-imagined Concept-to-Market process, a targeted improvement plan (utilizing Lean techniques), and various structures to support the new model and measure and optimize ongoing performance.

Actions Taken

  • Developed a disciplined marketing process that would allow the company to properly plan and define its marketing and sales objectives on a timely basis.
  • Restructured the organization to fit the new model.
  • Outsourced domestic manufacturing activities and reduced the number of suppliers in China, in favor of expanding sourcing in Central America.
  • Developed a disciplined marketing approach with clear differentiation between sales and marketing functions.
  • Developed a program to measure the effectiveness of the sales force.
  • Developed a distribution strategy to relocate or outsource services.

Reduced the current fiscal year’s budget by


to achieve a cost neutral position and pay for the project