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Food & Pharma



Food & Pharma


Food & pharmaceutical manufacturer sought external expertise to help with installation of a new enterprise operating system.


  • Install the QAD system in less than the two years budgeted by the IT Department.


  • Successfully implemented the entire QAD system in less than one year.
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Case Study

Implement New Information System


A major manufacturer of health foods, vitamins, supplements, nutritional products and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals purchased a new enterprise operating system and sought external expertise to reduce the standard, two-year installation process, associated disruptions and increased costs related to the implementation.

Highland Approach

To effectively manage the installation of the new QAD operating system, The Highland Group engaged key client personnel from pre-implementation planning through go-live and post-implementation review and employed change management techniques to maximize user acceptance.

Actions Taken

  • Worked with the IT Department to facilitate user ownership of the system by involving key people with workflow development and system training.
  • Organized and coached client teams to address barriers identified to system implementation and conversion.
  • Developed and standardized training for all employees on the use of the new system.

reduced implementation timeline by


with standardized training on the use of the new system