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Consumer Products



Consumer Products


Consumer products manufacturer facing increasing costs sought to improve customer service, reduce inventory, and better manage its suppliers.


  • Improve “line item fill rates” to 96%.
  • Reduce obsolete inventory to near zero and turn time to 14 days.
  • Reduce order lead time to 8 weeks.


  • Reduced obsolete inventory to 2% and turn to 15 days.
  • Reduced order lead time to 4 weeks on standard products (8 weeks on non-standard).
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Case Study

Optimize Supply Chain & Reduce Costs


A manufacturer of consumer products facing increasing costs, particularly in promotional sales, sought to improve customer service, reduce inventory, increase inventory turns and develop and implement a process to manage its suppliers.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group worked with client leadership to define Driver Goals and implemented a system for aligning the organization’s activities with the high-level goals. Co-teams mapped the Promotional Sales, Customer Service and other supply chain workflows to identify opportunities to improve key indicators and to shift toward a “make to order” fulfillment process. Targeted improvement projects enabled the teams to achieve cost, lead time and inventory reductions. A structured operating system served to keep the client and its suppliers on track to maintain and grow the gains.

Actions Taken

  • Instituted a goal roll-down and translation process.
  • Developed and implemented a new “make to order” process for Promotional Sales.
  • Designed and implemented a management operating system for Promotional Sales.
  • Implemented a reward and recognition process.
  • Developed a barrier identification and removal process.
  • Coordinated changes in the Promotional Sales process between the client and its suppliers.

Achieved a line item fill rate of


while reducing inventory turn time

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