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Mining Company



Mining Company


Mining company needed help to improve truck utilization, while making sure to allow workers to leave the equipment during breaks for health reasons.


  • Ensure achievement of operator health and wellness goals.
  • Improve productivity by reclaiming truck down-time during breaks, equivalent to 13+ million tons annually.


  • Increased truck productivity, resulting in additional 22.3 million tons and a jump in utilization of availability of 5.1 points.
  • Increased break time and improved break room environment.
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Case Study

Improve Productivity & Utilization While Ensuring Operator Health


A mining company was losing 29.3 million tons annually due to its current process of stopping all trucks and equipment during employee breaks. Furthermore, operators remained on their equipment during breaks, leading to health concerns regarding their lack of exercise or access to necessary facilities.

Highland Approach

The project involved many internal teams, giving workers a voice in the development of a new “switch-out” process. The Highland Group documented the features and functions of the new process and established key performance indicators to measure success post-implementation.

Actions Taken

  • Decentralized break locations; locations now set up in the mine for quick switch-out.
  • Equipped switch-out locations with hot coffee, cold water, microwave oven, tables and chairs, and clean washroom facilities.
  • Initiated two longer breaks (a minimum of 45 per break) per shift versus three smaller ones.
  • Focused maintenance, cleaning and sanitation support and requirements on operator care.
  • Assigned every truck operator as a relief operator during the shift.
  • Support equipment switch-outs occur only as needed to maintain hauler pace.

Increased truck productivity tonnage by


while increasing time and quality of operator breaks

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