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Nickel Mining



Nickel Mining


Talc-mining business needed to increase Nickel production in response to changing market conditions.


  • Increase the recovery of nickel in two processing plants.
  • Standardize the way the plants are operated.
  • Generate a minimum of €1.5 million of annualized benefits.


  • Increased overall nickel recovery by 3%.
  • Increased consistency of shift per day performance as a result of standardized systems and processes.
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Case Study

Optimize Business Profitability by Increasing Nickel Output


A world-leading talc-mining business had experienced decreased sales in the last few years as a result of the global recession. Nickel is a bi-product for which price had evolved positively. The current market situation requires that nickel no longer be treated as a bi-product, but rather as a premium one. Furthermore, the company lacked a common set of operating procedures, which led to a high variation of results in the production line and a lack of consistency in performance across different shifts and plants. 

Highland Approach

Highland took a two-pronged approach to optimizing the operation:

  • Develop and implement a Profitability Planning Model (a working tool to balance talc and nickel production).
  • Improve Site Production through a focus on increasing recovery, implementing a System for Managing, and improving operator skills.

The team also conducted a thorough review of plant capacity and line design to check for technical deficiencies.

Actions Taken

The Highland Group partnered with client teams to implement:

  • A planning model that maximizes profit based on the combination of talc and nickel output.
  • A common set of improved Standard Operating Procedures.
  • A “nickel focused” System For Managing.
  • A continuous operator input-based improvement process.
  • A continuous recovery increase process for both talc and nickel.

Increased Recovery by


By improving circuits and standardizing processes

The Highland Group was the catalyst to make a fast operational improvement to our local operations. As a result we evolved from a talc producing company, to a talc and nickel producing business.

Chief Operations Officer

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