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Canadian petroleum company needed to help to develop an assessment/audit schedule and ensure sustainability of the Outage Readiness process.


  • Design and implement a Self-Assessment Program for the Outage Readiness process that captures the gaps within process compliance, understanding, and ownership.


  • Saved over $70 million from the success of the refined Outage Readiness Process.
  • Ensured sustainability of the results through the Self-Assessment Program.
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Case Study

Implement Outage Readiness Self Assessment Program


A Canadian-based petroleum company implemented a structured T-Minus Milestone Outage Readiness Management System that supported a project management approach to outages. The results on outages executed continued to show that, while the client was more prepared for the outages, there was additional opportunity to improve the compliance, understanding and ownership of the process to increase the quality of the deliverables at the critical T-Minus milestones. Company leadership enlisted The Highland Group to develop an assessment/audit schedule and ensure sustainability of the Outage Readiness process.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group conducted an analysis of the current state of the Outage Readiness process through a series of interviews and review of relevant documents and records and determined that:

  • Stakeholders had adopted the T-Minus process and were complying, understanding and engaging in outage readiness with improving results.
  • Some specific, localized opportunities for improvement existed in each department and needed to be addressed to ensure stakeholders’ faith in the success of the process.
  • Additional gaps must be identified and corrected to get further engagement, ownership and process sustainability.

Actions Taken

  • Designed the process, procedures and self-assessment forms for the program.
  • Developed findings and key strengths and opportunities by assessing the stakeholders on items that they are accountable and responsible for based on set questions and a set scoring system.
  • Utilized internal resources to allow for consistency, knowledge transfer, sharing of ideas and additional teamwork throughout the organization.

Success of outage readiness program resulted in yearly savings of


also created process to ensure sustainability of the results through the self-assessment program.

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