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Exploration & Production



Exploration & Production


Major oil exploration and production company needed help developing and implementing a “best practice” optimized process for exploration, drilling and customer delivery.


  • Implement a “best practice” process to reduce total costs by 40% over a five-year period.


  • Reduced cycle time by 50%.
  • Improved quality acceptance to 100%.
  • Reduced exploration well costs by 25%.
  • Reduced total costs 25%.
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Case Study

Implement Best Practices & Optimize Operation


A major oil exploration and production company engaged The Highland Group to develop and implement a “best practice” optimized process for exploration, drilling and customer delivery within its offshore Gulf of Mexico and onshore U.S. activities.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group worked with the seismic and drilling teams to map key processes and develop a detailed approach and targeted actions to improve exploration success, reduce drilling costs, and improve both the on-time delivery and quality of seismic data and services.

Actions Taken

  • Redesigned processes with corresponding assignments of responsibilities.
  • Developed and implemented performance measures for exploration, drilling and seismic technology.
  • Developed and implemented a System For Managing the new operations team, the real-time operations center and for monitoring well delivery.
  • Developed and implemented a methodology for bore hole risking for the well planning and design process and realigned the organization.
  • Conducted project management training for all seismic technology personnel.
  • Designed and implemented an integrated process, including a Master Activity Plan database, to enable an enterprise-wide view and decision-making basis for operational planning and conflict resolution.
  • Developed communications packages and provided ongoing leadership support to ensure effective implementation of new processes and organizational accountabilities.

Achieved on-time delivery performance of seismic data of


improvement from the historical performance of 50% on-time delivery

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