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Delivering results with better planning and execution

Effective maintenance is critical – it’s the key foundation on which manufacturing productivity is built. Yet in many companies, we find that important maintenance process and indicators can be significantly improved. We analyze the current situation and help our clients understand and implement the planning and scheduling processes that yield measurable results.

Whether you are a mining operation, industrial manufacturer or consumer package goods producer – a needs-based approach adapts our best practices to your organization. This approach, combined with the expertise of our senior consultants, has worked successfully on projects where we:

  • Introduced maintenance performance measurement indicators, reviewed maintenance critical asset spare parts inventory levels and adjusted as needed.
  • Installed a disciplined plant maintenance planning and resource scheduling process to provide a more robust coverage of all shifts.
  • Developed and implemented total preventive and predictive maintenance systems that standardized maintenance activities and provided improved equipment effectiveness for the manufacturing operation.


Specific actions we have taken on past projects include:

  • Created an agreed on minimum Maintenance Operating model – containing 240 elements
  • Developed full new set of refinery and divisional KPIs
  • Redesigned top to bottom organization structure
  • Right sized the organization, including staff and contractors
  • Reengineered processes across all major functions – Maintenance, Operations, Economics & Planning, Engineering, Environmental
  • Gave operators and craftspeople more control
  • Identified and prioritized critical refinery systems and equipment
  • Integrated process with ERP system
  • Understand skills requirements and trained employees to close the gaps
  • Created a team of trained observers to review job estimates and established quantities for job planning
  • Developed a structured outage planning process
  • Developed and implemented a downtime analysis tool to focus the activities during critical downtimes
  • Created a critical spare parts re-order point review and stock adjustment


Our clients have experienced results such as:

  • Improved uptime savings estimated at $20 million
  • 5-6% uptime improvement
  • 6% improvement in plant reliability
  • Step change environmental and safety performance improvement
  • Improvement in average equipment uptime of 20%
  • 25% reduction in outside maintenance services and contractor expenses
  • Contractor cost reductions of >$3.0M/year (20%)
  • Operating cost reduction of $40M/year due to increased uptime
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime of >40
  • Cross-functional cooperation between operations and maintenance with joint accountability

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