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HVAC manufacturer sought to increase market share in a growing market.


  • Increase sales 10% over the current field plan.
  • Double sales over the next 5 years while maintaining profitability rates.


  • Increased sales plan by 15% over plan.
  • Created sales management structure focused on selling.
  • Exceeded plan for the addition of new dealers.

Case Study

Optimize Sales and Marketing & Increase Market Share


An HVAC manufacturer sought to increase market share in a growing market. The Highland Group was engaged to assist the client in determining the root cause of recent losses, defining a new, optimized sales and marketing process, and achieving sales goals.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group conducted an analysis of the client’s current sales and marketing function, including understanding internal and external customer processes, defining opportunities for improvement, designing and implementing new procedures to maximize sales, and putting in place structures to support increased volume and ongoing growth.

Actions Taken

  • Interviewed more than 300 dealers to obtain the customers’ view of the company, analyzed and summarized findings, and developed a strategy for change.
  • Developed and implemented a new sales office structure that included territory and staffing models for optimal territory management and a system for managing and continuously improving the offices.
  • Developed roles and responsibilities for sales professionals and a new procedure for sales calls to new and existing dealers.
  • Designed and implemented a training program for sales professionals.
  • Developed tools for gathering continual dealer feedback and competitive intelligence.
  • Created a closed loop feedback mechanism to respond to pertinent dealer issues.

increased sales over plan by


on track to double sales over next 5 years

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