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Tool Supplier



Tool Supplier


A major tool supplier for the automotive industry sought to improve and better manage ongoing performance.


Implement shop floor controls, visual displays and a management system to provide leadership with actionable reporting tools to reduce manufacturing cycle time, optimize shop floor productivity and improve manufacturing fill rates.


  • Trained every manager and supervisor on the use of a System For Managing.
  • Trained supervisors and operators on SMED techniques.
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Case Study

Implement Improvements and a System for Managing Performance


A major tool supplier for the automotive industry sought to improve and better manage ongoing performance.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group began with an analysis of the operation to identify key opportunities for improvement. Project teams utilized Lean Manufacturing techniques to achieve savings and increase efficiency, particularly in work order management. A structured System For Managing translated high-level goals into meaningful, actionable metrics on the shop floor’s performance as well as tools for improving communication, expanding skill sets and enhancing work scheduling.

Actions Taken

  • Developed and implemented a System For Managing, including visual boards that provide management with daily snapshots and weekly trend graphs of work center performance, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and schedule attainment.
  • Implemented a daily scheduling program requiring team leads to assign and follow up on work.
  • Developed OEE reports and schedule attainment reporting by combining data from several operating systems.
  • Improved capacity planning by enhancing existing reports.
  • Implemented a weekly meeting designed to improve communication, discuss potential problems, enhance scheduling, reduce overloaded work centers and improve on-time delivery to the warehouse.
  • Modified main work centers for improved planning and eliminated multiple queues in the same work center to reduce cycle time throughout the shop.
  • Completed an operator skills flexibility matrix and training plan.
  • Developed roles and responsibilities for operators, leads and supervisors.

trained supervisors and operators on SMED techniques

led to improved communication, expanded skill sets and enhanced work scheduling

For the first time since Baan was implemented in 1999, we finally have measurements we can use to manage the business again.

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