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Resource Planning



Resource Planning


Gold mining operation needed help to assess the skills of the department, validate staffing needs and implement a process for staffing and skilling the future organization.


  • Provide a standardized job description process.
  • Provide a functional organizational structure for the department.
  • Provide skills assessments and develop a schedule for training.


  • Implemented a common process for job description development.
  • Completed skills assessments, gap analysis, and training matrices for all personnel.
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Case Study

Validate Staffing and Assess Skills


A South American gold mining operation had a department that had grown from twelve (12) to sixty-eight (68) in five years without guidance from a Human Resources or development standpoint. The Highland Group was enlisted to assess the skills of the department, validate staffing needs and implement an optimized process for staffing and skilling the future organization.

Highland Approach

An analysis concluded that five different formats of job descriptions existed, less than 15% of the staff had job descriptions, the organizational structure was ineffective with many personnel reporting to multiple bosses, the current personnel did not have the skill sets required to complete work for their job function, and no skill or training matrices were in place to address the skill gaps. The Highland Group determined that a standard job description format, redesign of the organizational structure, definition of skills gaps and development of training matrices were all required for the success of the organization.

Actions Taken

The Highland Group partnered with the company to:

  • Develop standard job descriptions.
  • Provide training to managers and directors on proper job description development.
  • Develop an organizational structure to address the current and future work requirements.
  • Develop a staffing validation tool to justify headcount needed  based on work requirements.
  • Complete skills assessments with all personnel in the department to define skills gaps based on current and future requirements.
  • Develop training matrices for all personnel with a training schedule based on skill requirements to meet the current business need.

Redesigned organizational structure to support current and future growth

We did not fully understand our staffing requirements or how to present the information to senior management prior to the work with The Highland Group.

Regional Manager

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