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Railway Manufacturer



Railway Manufacturer


A major manufacturer of railroad equipment committed to improving delivery and financial performance to position themselves as the top provider of products and services.


  • Increase production 14% by year end.
  • Improve delivery performance from 55% to 97% by year end.
  • Become the best provider of superior products and services in the industry.


  • Increased production level 17.5% by year end.
  • Improved delivery performance rate to 97%.
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Case Study

Redesign & Maximize Production

Highland Approach

To achieve the production volume and financial goals defined by company leadership, The Highland Group deployed lean manufacturing techniques throughout the operation and implemented a management system to link work areas to the high-level Driver Goals.

Actions Taken

  • Developed and implemented a plant-wide goal translation and roll-down process.
  • Designed and implemented an order scheduling and fulfillment process based on customer requirements.
  • Installed kanban systems in manufacturing areas.
  • Redesigned and implemented improved layout and assembly flow in manufacturing areas.
  • Realigned manufacturing and support organizations to support new manufacturing processes.
  • Created and installed a system for managing from the shop floor to executive management and delivered managerial training for effective utilization of the system.

improved delivery performance rate to


while implementing an order scheduling and fulfillment process based on customer requirements

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