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Mining Shared Services



Mining Shared Services


Payroll and Employee Services group at a leading mining operation had consistently performed below its Customers' expectations.


  • Develop and implement a system for managing based on facts and data and train team members in the delivery of the “retail experience.”


  • Improved SLA performance by 16%.
  • Reduced Past Dues by over 80%.
  • Reduced dropped calls by over 60%.
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Case Study

Improve Operations & Customer Service


The Shared Services operation, and specifically the Payroll and Employee Services group, at one of the world’s leading mineral mining operations had consistently performed below the level of expectation of the customer base. There was a sense in the customer community that the services provided were not commensurate with the cost incurred. The Highland Group was engaged to develop a process within Shared Services to manage the business, measure improvements, engage the customers, and take the organization to a new level of performance.

Highland Approach

Detailed analysis indicated that a major transformation needed to occur within the Shared Services operation, including: defining what information was required to manage the business; developing the data and the data capture process; training and coaching management on how to manage with a system; and training all team members in how to provide extraordinary customer service.

Actions Taken

  • Utilized Lean techniques to identify and target operational improvements.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive System For Managing Shared Services, including a new set of comprehensive metrics that accurately reflected the workload.
  • Improved the accuracy and completeness of the data that governed the business.
  • Focused attention on the drivers that impact results—overdue tickets, dropped calls, delaying actions that caused inconsistent work flow.
  • Trained leadership in new concepts of how to manage their business.
  • Trained the entire work force in how to provide significantly improved customer service.
  • Provided a framework for the introduction of new contracts into the shared services operation.

Improved service level agreements by


While reducing past due orders by over 80%

The work you have done has put us in a great position to expand the footprint of Shared Services.

Rod Antal

Global Head of Shared Services

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