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Medical Device Manufacturer



Medical Device Manufacturer


Producer of medical devices with a new product needed to develop processes to support sales and operations planning, and to ensure production capacity at the outsourced manufacturer.


  • Deliver the ability to sell and produce 25 devices per week.


  • Implemented new sales processto achieve the goal of 25 units per week and demonstrated that the outsource partner could produce at that level.
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Case Study

Sales Effectiveness & Production Increase


A producer of medical devices, with a newly developed and unique (no competition) product, had established a distribution network but needed to develop processes throughout the organization to support sales and operations planning. The company enlisted The Highland Group to develop a value proposition for the product, implement a sales process that would enable the achievement of $20 million in sales for the following calendar year, and ensure the production capacity of the outsourced manufacturer to support demand.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group studied the new device, its market and proposed benefits in order to develop its value proposition and a sales process to effectively deliver a consistent product message. An analysis of the outsourced manufacturer’s operation identified opportunities to increase capacity, improve quality and cycle time and decrease costs.

Actions Taken

  • Developed the product’s value proposition including a return on investment model.
  • Developed and implemented a six-phase sales process and supporting models, tools and techniques to achieve the sales goal.
  • Developed a sales and sales lead tracking system through each phase of the sales cycle by customer, distributor and internal regional managers.
  • Developed and delivered a Sales training program for distributors and client personnel.
  • Reviewed the manufacturing quality systems utilized by the outsourced manufacturing organization.
  • Implemented a supplier quality reporting system to track manufacturing defects, late production, and yield.
  • Worked with the outsourced partner to achieve the desired production rate, which was accomplished by the fifth week of the project.

Increased sales and production units per week to


including work with outsourced manufacturing partner

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