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Healthcare Adminstration



Healthcare Adminstration


Healthcare Administration entity of a major corporation wanted to improve operational efficiencies, while maintaining and/or improving customer service levels.


  • Increase bottom line profits by $2.65 million by the end of the year.


  • Added over $2.6 million in benefits through productivity improvements in Call Center, correspondence/ research and claims processing.
  • Decreased cost per minute by 18% and headcount by 14%.
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Case Study

Improve Profitability


A major corporation wanted to improve the operational efficiencies of one of its best operated and managed and most productive contracts, while maintaining and/or improving customer service levels within its Healthcare Administration, Claims Processing, Customer Support and Systems Support entity.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group conducted a Discovery and Design process that identified and detailed key issues, including opportunities to streamline processes, restructure and define roles and responsibilities, and improve training.

Actions Taken

  • Streamlined processes, enabling progression to a paperless environment.
  • Established targets for production and quality.
  • Implemented individual tracking of production to emphasize accountability and responsibility for results.
  • Delivered a revised organizational structure, including merging units, combined position descriptions and skills requirements to better balance resource loads and further reduce costs.
  • Reset suspense processing production standards and implemented an improved examiner training program.
  • Executed an outbound call campaign to top-tier providers.
  • Implemented new processes and tools to expedite, track and ensure providers who committed to convert to electronic processing actually did so.
  • Utilized regional representatives to follow up on campaign commitments via phone calls and site visits.
  • Increased claims processing productivity by 12.4% (from 127 to 143 claim lines per examiner per hour).
  • Increased utilization from 84% to 96%.
  • Achieved 105% of targeted benefit (an 18% improvement from the base).

Decreased cost per minute by


while adding over $2.6m in benefits to the bottom line

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