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Healthcare Adminstration



Healthcare Adminstration


Healthcare administration company aspired to improve its profitability to industry norms and become a leader in the marketplace.


  • Increase EBITDA to 20% within 18 months.
  • Maintain or improve the current high level of customer service for all clients.


  • Increased EBITDA from 8% to a run-rate of 17% in 8 months and 20% within 18 months.
  • Increased overall productivity by 17%.
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Case Study

Optimize EBITDA & Improve Profitability


A healthcare administration company aspired to improve its profitability to industry norms and become a leader in the marketplace. The company relied upon a proprietary software platform for rapid deployment of new business wins. Robust wins, software platform deficiencies and enhancements, along with ever increasing pressure by clients to reduce costs generated tremendous confusion as to priority of initiatives within the organization and added excess costs to deliver and manage the various clients’ volumes.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group worked with client leadership to identify specific Driver Goals for the organization. A Discovery and Design process revealed gaps between the company’s current and desired future performance. A targeted improvement plan focused on process redesign and project, workload and resource management enabled achievement of specified goals and projected benefits.

Actions Taken

  • Installed a prioritization and resource management process for information technology projects resulting in shorter development times and lower development costs.
  • Eliminated the need for over 6,000 hours of mainframe computer access time annually, for a savings of more than $2 million.
  • Developed and implemented resource rationalization management systems that routinely balance resources to workloads.
  • Consolidated Call Centers, Claims Review, Enrollment and Data Entry functions that were spread across the United States.
  • Developed and implemented a phase gate product development process.
  • Redesigned customer-facing organizations and processes to leverage growth with existing customers.
  • Launched a new, market-leading thrust based on rapid new client start-up accompanied by 100% first pass quality.

Increased overall productivity by


and delivered wins of 15 out of 16 proposals

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