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Flexible Packaging Co.



Flexible Packaging Co.


Large manufacturer was closing two plants and relocating the equipment to a 3rd expanding plant.


  • Move production of two plants into one expanded plant while maintaining production and output with no impact on customer delivery or service.
  • Upgrade staff and support function skill levels.


  • Completed ahead of the schedule.
  • Exceeded production levels in the expanded plant within 90 days.
  • Relocation completed with no adverse effects to sales, operations or customer service.
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Case Study

Relocate & Restructure Facilities & Optimize Performance


The largest American flexible packaging company and a major manufacturer of pressure sensitive materials was closing two plants and relocating the equipment to a 3rd expanding plant. The company engaged The Highland Group to ensure there was no negative impact on customer delivery or service by optimizing the processes in the expanded plant, preparing staff, and managing the overall transition.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group began by visually mapping the current and future state of the 3rd expanding facility, including products, volumes, equipment, layout and processes (floor and support). The maps enabled the team to pinpoint improvements in inventory management, workflow and product delivery. A highly experienced team ensured an expeditious and highly coordinated equipment move. Meanwhile, detailed production plans ensured seamless order fulfillment during the transition.   

Actions Taken

  • Developed production plans that insured continued delivery of product to customers during transition and relocation of equipment.
  • Coordinated and monitored physical relocation of the equipment.
  • Developed and implemented operator training programs for the new equipment at the expanded plant.
  • Developed organizational staffing models for the support functions in the expanded location to assist with the increased volume and duties.


Days to exeed prior production levels:


consolidated plant operations with no loss of service or complaints

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