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Cable Services Provider



Cable Services Provider


U.S. cable services provider needed help to analyze and improve sales attempts and sales revenue, redesign the work force management process, and create a management system.


  • Increase up-sell attempts to 85% of incoming calls and grow revenue.
  • Improve workforce management processes to ensure accurate forecasting (80%) and scheduling of customer service representatives.


  • Realized call volume forecast accuracy within 5%.
  • Created a design for decentralization of WFM, resulting in a drastic reduction in personnel within each center.
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Case Study

Optimize Sales & Enhance Revenues


The largest provider of cable services in the U.S. engaged The Highland Group to analyze and improve sales attempts and sales revenue, redesign the work force management process and create a management system that would improve customer service delivery and related service levels.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group’s analytical professionals conducted a Discovery and Design process on the client’s Call Center operations to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and effectiveness, create a roadmap toward the achievement of Driver Goals and develop enhanced management tools and practices. Client teams participated in the process, drove targeted improvements and accelerated change.

Actions Taken

  • Implemented a structured process to improve up-sell success in the client’s Call Centers. This included setting objectives, assigning responsibilities, reporting, setting sales attempt targets, establishing coaching and monitoring, building an enterprise-wide reporting application and managing to objectives.
  • Developed and implemented a System For Managing, which focused the activities and functions of front line management and enabled them to quickly respond and satisfy customers while growing the business; delivered a “Compelling Customer Experience” in the Carolina Region.
  • The team evaluated the workforce management (WFM) process and implemented tools and management systems to drive efficiency and productivity in Call Centers with specific focus on workforce management and the creation of a decentralized WFM Command Center and reorganization of its responsibilities and staff. The team defined performance standards, activities, tools and resources needed to cost-efficiently improve standard metrics and service levels within Call Center operations.

Delivered restructured up-sell process delivering savings of


an increase of $2.8 million above plan

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