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Private Equity

Evaluate potential, improve performance and plan for future growth

During tough economic times, our private equity client’s portfolio companies are doing more with fewer resources. We support their operational and performance improvement initiatives in a variety of industries, including aerospace, construction and manufacturing.

Many firms can provide input on financial issues, but we focus on people and the improvements that can be realized through implementation of more efficient process, better organizational structure and clear, concise goals and communication. For our private equity clients, we provide guidance across the investment lifecycle:


Strategy and Targeting: Discover potential undervalued companies ripe for acquisition.

Operational due diligence: Understand the ability of the target company to achieve the results outlined in the business plan, given the current operational facilities and capital expenditure outlined. The diligence process will also determine the potential for additional value creation and any issues that will decrease value or be of high risk.


Integration post-merger or acquisition: 3-step process to achieve integration success: strategy, planning and execution. The strategy phase builds a solid foundation for integration – a process to bring senior executives together to reach alignment on the key strategies and develop a clear understanding of the barriers to reaching the goal. Planning develops a roadmap for successful integration, including specific details on how to overcome the barriers identified in strategy.

Creation and Realization

Optimizing current operations to reach target goals: Our history has been in helping companies achieve their goals – no matter how big or small. We provide post-purchase operational consulting with a focus on delivering measurable results.

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