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About The Highland Group

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About Us

The Highland Group is a global business consulting firm committed to delivering measurable financial results for our clients. Founded in 1991, we serve industry-leading companies around the world from our offices in North America.

Our senior professionals bring extensive business experience from a wide variety of industries and disciplines, including cost optimization, engineering, maintenance, sales and marketing effectiveness, shared services, working capital management, supply chain management, finance and accounting, private equity value creation,  warehousing and distribution, organizational development and more.

Our collective expertise, combined with our “needs-based” approach, ensures solutions are custom-tailored to help you meet your goals and realize your organization’s full potential.

We know all consultants look alike, so here’s what sets us apart from the competition:


Needs-Based Approach

Our services and approach are needs-based and flexible, driven entirely by you and your organization’s needs. Each of our consulting projects is custom-designed to deliver a specific operational or financial result in a defined, accelerated timeframe. We do not offer canned solutions in search of a problem.


Driver Goal

We start every project by working with you to articulate a clear, compelling goal that aligns your organization and serves as a call to action. You define it, you own it; we help you make it a reality.


Senior Consultant Model

Our seasoned professionals will typically bring a minimum of 15 years of successful industry and consulting experience to your project. That means instant credibility with your employees and accelerated results for your bottom line. No freshly minted MBAs here.


Measurable Financial Results

Our focus is on achieving measurable financial results for you. We won’t ask you to sign a long-term contract for services, but instead will prove our value every week. Our scorekeeper works with your finance organization to measure the impact of our work so we earn the right to return each week and deliver more value for you.


Meaningful Maps

We employ a visual mapping methodology to engage your organization in the change process. This interactive approach allows employees at all levels of the organization to view, understand and provide input on the development, design and implementation of solutions and recommendations. The resulting final maps provide a clear, concise illustration of the agreed-upon plan to achieve sustainable change and measurable results.


Some consultants merely analyze and prescribe what needs to be done. We’re the guys who actually get things done. Our bottom-up methodology focuses on behavioral change, translating needs into operating tactics and eliminating barriers at the point of execution. This approach, coupled with our System for Managing, ensures that the results we achieve during the course of the project are sustained and enhanced long after the project is complete.

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